Farewell Josh


One of my favorite bassists, Josh Fauver, has left this world late last year. Josh passed away unexpectedly at the age of 39 on November 2, 2018. No further details have been announced.

I don’t consider myself a humanitarian or anything like that, maybe it’s just me as I get older, but I literally teared up thinking about what a loss this is, and for a guy like Josh at the age of 39, to one day unexpectedly not be here anymore. And I guess that speaks volumes to the people that Josh has touched through his music. One look at many YouTube comments on Deerhunter videos and you will see others with whom he has left an impact.

I was first turned on to Deerhunter with their Cryptograms record. The title song has long been one of my favorites and the main thing that struck me was the odd drumming and creative bass line where Josh relied on delays and his always cool style of hammer-on bass playing. He had me always looking for vintage Hagstrom basses for the longest time. What he gave that band seemingly left with him after he departed in 2012; his energetic, creative, and driving basslines.

Josh was apparently deeply involved with Atlanta’s DIY music scene. He was also a member of Electrosleep International, S.I.D.S. and also had a solo project called Diet Cola. He further supported Atlanta’s local music with his independent label Army of Bad Luck.

You will always be missed Josh. Godspeed with the next phase of your journey.


Go to 10 minutes in on the Sunday Redux video..