"You Make Me Transcend" has been remixed

This was recorded in summer of 2012 and is on an EP that I am the most embarrassed about (“Apathy” from that same EP is nearly done as well). This actually needs some volume automation done for the bass and the guitar. Vocals need editing as well. Not final nor mastered - just got dosed by a bit of Slate FG-X and Waves’ L2 Limiter.



COS throw-away from 2016

This was a throw-away track from 2016 during a time when my Eventide Space was dying a slow death… The right channel on the pedal was crackling so I had to inject a ton of crackling in the track so at least it would be in stereo. The high shelf was definitely boosted too much. Was a throw-away and still is.



cos - Closer Remix


After… This is not the finished track as vocals and piano require more attention - therefore it is not mastered either). I’ve always struggled with doing vocals (I don’t practice and have had zero training), but if I consider my vocals weak now I don’t even know what to call it back in 2011 when I wrote this song. The drums are intentionally artificial sounding since the original was a very obvious and weak midi drum loop.

Remixing old Circle of Sharks tracks

Sadly I am rather embarrassed by some of the stuff I put out in past years and lately had the idea of remixing some of it. Below are a few examples, both before (eh) and after. I should point out that these new mixes are not mastered and I feel Disaster Act needs further EQ’ing.

Kings & Queens Before

Kings & Queens after

Disaster Act before

Disaster Act after

“Closer”, “Apathy”, “Oceans Between Us”, and “Inside You” are next.