Song from upcoming Wylds release

This is one of the instrumentals that will be included on the upcoming Wylds release. It will not be mostly instrumentals (out of nine songs I think there is a total of three instrumentals on it). Mixing is underway, and the release is still quite a ways off - most likely summer this year. I think nine songs equates to a full-length and, frankly, I don’t really see the point of them [full-lengths] anymore these days unless you are a band that tours and has established a sizable fanbase. Releasing EP’s equates to more music more often, rather than waiting for songs that work with each other… So this actually may get broken down into an EP of four or five songs and then another EP to follow. I also have more than half of another full-lengths worth of material for a further Wylds release(s) which also requires more work (more tracking and of course more mixing). I think this will be the only track I will post of this material - at least for now, which may change as a release window materializes.

Remixing old Circle of Sharks tracks

Sadly I am rather embarrassed by some of the stuff I put out in past years and lately had the idea of remixing some of it. Below is one examples, both before (eh) and after. I should point out that this is not mastered and may not be the final mix.

Kings & Queens Before

Kings & Queens after