Circle of Sharks’ Astro artwork (note the CoS emblem on the wall). Taken from early artwork I had laying about. Original image (which was extensively tweaked) was likely from the 1950’s.

My name is Bryan. The 'Douebleu' part came from when I sought to avoid high school reunions on social media - back when I could somewhat tolerate social media and rampant narcissism; my actual surname is Westbrook so I began to put my last name as 'doubleu'. Soon after, I noticed if I added an 'e' in there it looked cooler and also held a meaning in French when split in half. I've played guitar for longer than I'd care to admit to you. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles and currently reside in south Orange County. Looking back on my adolescence, I distinctly recall the cathartic experience of coming home from school, closing my door, putting on music, and laying down and watching the ceiling begin to move. The music would equally take me somewhere else as well as inspire me. These days, that cathartic process is served by creating music.

This site will serve as a hub for music I am involved with versus having a site for each project. Most, if not all the time, it will be 100% a solo effort. As of now, I have four different projects. All instruments are played by, tracked, and mixed by me. Nine times out of ten I sit down with absolutely no idea what to do and the music forms by chance; sometimes I am very proud of it and others I simply see as a learning experience.

  • Circle of Sharks will remain completely instrumental and would often be considered post-rock. All cos material can be streamed via your favorite streaming service (there is a Spotify link at the very bottom of this site). This project was, unfortunately, the test bed and learning process for recording and mixing my own music.

  • L98 is something I had planned to do for a long time, and much of that sound is still forming, and this is predominately electronic and synth-driven, yet guitars will be utilized when appropriate. I currently have enough material for an initial 4-track EP. [For anyone wishing to know what L98 refers to in name, look up "L98 Luna" on your search engine of choosing.]

  • Wylds is my new main project; going forward, virtually all music containing vocals will go under this project. Genres covered by Wylds is dark indie rock, alternative, post-punk, and psychedelic rock. Wylds’ first full-length was released in September 2018 and can be downloaded for $0 at Bandcamp.

  • Holy Broken Empire is riff-oriented and guitar-driven instrumentals many would consider on the slightly heavier side of the post-rock genre. As of writing this Gold Autumn Dream, the first release from HBE, is now available and can also be downloaded for $0 at Bandcamp.

Being solo projects all of the above require funds for mastering, and since this cost is not split between members of a band I must cover the costs. Contending with regular life, bills, and the recent passing of the closest soul to me and the related medical bills, mastering for these projects has taken a necessary lower priority at this time. But, the plan is for these projects to begin releasing material by late Spring 2018.

On October 2, 2017, at 2:15 AM, I lost my beloved cat named Skouty, who is very much my son, to cancer. We fought extremely hard, with several scary stays in emergency rooms over summer 2017, I found him an excellent holistic vet, and up until three weeks before he left bloodwork was showing we were winning across the board… Only to have fate step in in one of the strangest and unexplainable ways which ultimately led me to become more spiritually conscious (not in a religious or dogmatic sense) via synchronicities that break conventional thinking and are too many to list. The ‘spiritual’ synchronicities started becoming clear to me on the very day he transitioned, while of all things, I listened to “So High” - a song that was written and recorded two days prior with him right by my side. From there they grew exponentially. He was with me from the moment he came into this world and for over 17 years. If I were to grab a guitar and begin playing he would get really happy and excited and want to be either on my lap or right next to me - something that lasted until the last month of his life. His favorite band is Beach House (we actually went to see them in his honor in August 2018) and the Beach House Pandora station that was often on when he was here frequently echoes downstairs to this day. Much of the content on Wyld’s The Veil is influenced by my profound love for him, the emptiness I’ve felt since he left, a feeling that the majority of my heart & purpose in this world had left with him, and my grief. I have never in my life been so profoundly influenced by another being. Due to his role in in my life, my music, and The Veil, I’ve included a few pictures of him on this site. To this very moment, if I could swap places and endure what he went through to spare him any suffering I would. I miss you so much Skout… You are truly irreplaceable