Wylds "Slow Times"

This is a work-in-progress for the next Wylds release later this year (some time this Fall). “Slow Times” was another one born by accident as I was playing around with very wet spring reverb. As it stands currently it requires more work. For one, the drums are mixed a bit too wide (floor tom mainly) and I need to do a second guitar part to replace the last part’s ‘lead’. I left ample space as I have some vocals written that I am going to try.

Not done tracking for it, not mixed and edited proper, not mastered - not final.

For the remainder of the summer, and since I just pushed out cos’ Hollow, and due to the heat and disgusting humidity here, I will not be working on anything for the duration of summer.

circle of sharks update///

A new cos EP is currently being mixed. The EP will be comprised of six tracks, some new and a few older, and will be available this summer (2019).

Remixing of some older published tracks is still underway, but the EP above takes priority, as does new content for Wylds and Broken Empire. This hodgepodge remix/remaster album should be available next year if my current pace remains unbroken.